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Deltamu Italia at the A&T 2017, the international trade fair for the manufacturing industry in Turin.

For the second time, Deltamu Italia will be present at the international trade fair for the manufacturing industry from 3 to 5 May in Turin (Oval Lingotto).

We are happy to invite you, please contact us to get your free entry pass.

A&T 2017 INDUSTRY 4.0  is the reference specialist event in Italy for industry 4.0.

With its 10 years of no-stop- growth, it is an event not to be missed for the manufacturing industry, as it presents an exclusive programme that will be very useful for those companies trying to enhance their competitiveness.
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04 Apr 2017

Covariance Evaluation by Means of Uncertainty Assessment

One of the key points in modern measurement science is the evaluation of measurement uncertainty, according to the definition given by the International Vocabulary of Metrology (VIM) [1] and the procedure recommended by the Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement (GUM) and its supplements [2]–[4]. According to these documents, when several sources of uncertainty are present, the related standard uncertainties shall be quadratically combined, and the covariances must be considered, if present [2].
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04 Apr 2017

Optimu : the 5.03.001 version is available !

A Smart Metrology is a metrology able to be integrated to all types of industrial structures, from the very small firms to the major international groups. In these companies, dissemination of ideas and tools has to overcome the language barrier. In response to this need and in order to avoid disappointment from metrologists who may not speak French and so would not use the best tool, Optimu is now available in several languages.
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02 Jan 2017

G.U.M.: There may be a pitfall

Cet article est également disponible en français.

The uncertainty calculation, even if not widely accepted by all industrialists, occupies more and more metrologists around the world. In order to help them out, the J.C.G.M. WG 1 published in 1995 the J.C.G.M. 100 document, better known as G.U.M. (Guide to the expression of Uncertainty in Measurement). This document is quoted for a long time in ISO standards.
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14 Jun 2015
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