A Smart approach to calibration – Why we should forget calendar-based calibrations

If the current practice of calendar-based calibration has eventually convinced us that it is a good thing, a brief look at its historical context leads us to a consideration that sheds a totally different light on this issue. First, we will clarify that legal metrology set this practice in place to grant fairness in commercial transactions for both customers and suppliers.
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16 May 2017

G.U.M.: There may be a pitfall

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The uncertainty calculation, even if not widely accepted by all industrialists, occupies more and more metrologists around the world. In order to help them out, the J.C.G.M. WG 1 published in 1995 the J.C.G.M. 100 document, better known as G.U.M. (Guide to the expression of Uncertainty in Measurement). This document is quoted for a long time in ISO standards.
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14 Jun 2015
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